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What is the best fridge temperature for beer, and and what is the ultimate serving temperature of beer?

These are two questions that are often asked, and the answers vary according to both personal preference and the type of beer that you choose to serve. Bar Fridges Australia will endeavor to guide you to the perfect temperature to serve your frothies at, via some general logic.

Fact one: Beer raises in temperature about 2°Celsius for every ten minutes after it has been served in a room temperature environment of 23°Celsius. This environment is a common temperature that you will find in most air-conditioned venues. This means that if a beer is served in a glass stubby at 3°Celsius, then in 20 minutes the beer will still be cold enough to drink at 7°Celsius without the aid of a stubby holder. Placing a warm hand directly on the glass stubby will transfer heat directly to the beverage, so try your best to rest it on a table between sips.

Fact two: Different types of beer are recommended by brewer masters to be served at specific temperatures to promote taste, aroma, and finish. Most recommend premium lagers to be served at closer to 6°Celsius, and quality ales at 7°Celsius, however in a hot Australian climate this will mean your beverage will be disdainfully warm by the time you take your last sip. Australian beers are generally brewed lighter as a reflection of our hot climate. Most pubs and clubs serve draught beer for Aussie conditions between 1 to 3°Celsius; however when it’s poured directly into a non-chilled glass the temperature is immediately raised by a degree or two.

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When in doubt remember this rule of thumb: light body beer tastes better cold, while full body and high alcohol European styles taste better a few degrees warmer. Drink your Aussie/Asian/American beers directly from the fridge, but plan ahead with the European brewed varieties by taking a few out of the fridge and letting them sit to rise by a few degrees Celsius prior to drinking. After your brew has rested, pour the contents into a clean non-chilled glass to enable the beer to achieve its peek aroma and taste.

We factory pre-set most of our bar fridge range to chill at 3°Celsius. Adjusting the temperature via the thermostat is a matter of personal taste, and usually reflects the style of beer that is stored within. Try mixing the serving temperatures to see what your taste-buds appreciate best!

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