Bar Fridges Australia can offer generous discounts for all large orders, on any of the products within the range. We supply bulk quantities for hotels, motels, accommodation venues, mining, promotion industry, government bodies, cruise ships, luxury resorts and more.

Motel Glass Door Bar Fridges are proven to create more mini bar sales.

Bar Fridges Australia also specializes in the production of fully stickered/branded fridges for the following types of applications;

  • Energy Drinks
  • Alcohol Promotion
  • Prize Giveaways
  • Corporate Branding
  • Specialist Products
  • More!

So what is next step to find out more about fridge branding for my business?

  1. Ring Cory direct on 03 53376399 or on my mobile 0438 590267
  2. Email

Wholesale Enquiries Direct
Bar Fridges Australia keeps plenty of stock on hand to ensure quantity buys are ready to go!

*Larger orders can be done direct from factory which is the most economical method, this requires 10-12 weeks lead time so get your enquiry in early if you have a deadline to meet!

Branded Bar Fridges By bar Fridges Australia

Welcome to Australia's first "Pimp My Fridge" service. A unique concept that allows quality mini bar fridges to be branded
with whatever the client wants, the perfect gift for numerous occasions! Special, one-off and unique, a lasting memory that
is also fully functional.
It is quite simple really, we will "Pimp Your Fridge" exactly how you want it.
We can Pimp any product on our website, go to the page now, PIMP MY FRIDGE