China Trip Success

Posted by   Cory Allan

As part of on going development and relations Bar Fridges Australia visits the China Factories over 10 times a year. This is an extremely important part of the product quality assurance, in these trips we can sort out all that is needed to make sure factory understands exactly and there are no 'grey' area's. As we always change the specification to better quality and longer lasting design, it is not always easy to get the factory to 'bend' and 'change' from what they do for 90% of other world clients. A simple thing like changing to a better fan is not as easy as it sounds. So it is highly important to KNOW your supplier, get along on a friendship level as well as business, this way making changes and ensuring quality becomes so much easier. When the supplier cares about you on a personal level they care about the product that is coming to you.

To give you an idea of a recent trip to China, the following small things were achieved;
-We worked out a way to fully BRAND a mini fridge, using their current laser printing machine, before the fridge was built. This may sound like not a big deal, but it means we can do 'Qty' branded jobs now (Jim Beam, JD, VB etc.) without the trouble of using stickers, which are prone to bad application, bubbles, bad laminate, fading and curling over time. A direct print to BODY of fridge is 100% success rate and also stays on forever.

-We tested and went over our new range of Husky uprights, the C5-Pro and C8-Pro, the order was produced and we had chance to alter anything we wanted. Luckily we found an error in the controller function tat would have caused head aches once in market, so that was fixed

-We tested final samples of a new alfresco model 88 Litre (HUS-SC88), unit is triple glazed and tropical rated for alfresco and designed to be in a price bracket that makes it affordable to the average punter. The normal alfresco deluxe units are 'built in' style, meaning they are front venting and have a lot of extra parts and design that make them more $$. The new SC88 needs some ventilation, so it just requires a little more effort to install for best performance, the saving though is about $800 from the deluxe Rhino GSP units.

-We finalized design of the MATCHING 600mmW and 380mmW indoor quiet units, making us have a fantastic fridge combo that allows up to 6 x zones of temperature, choice of beer or wine shelves, widths of 380mmW > 2400mmW using mixtures of the 380mm and 600mmWide units. It will be the most versatile indoor quiet running range on the Australian market.

-We sat down to design a smaller type fridge with SHALLOW depth, as we get so many requests where depth is an issue, so soon we will have a 35litre mini fridge that is only 380mm Deep. To be able to show them and explain with engineers present makes it clearer and quicker than dealing with email.

So a lot does go into getting product right, we simply just don't see a product, import it and sell it, we make the product right to suit Aussie market in terms of performance and customer requests. The main focuses for now are Noise Levels, Condensation and Energy Efficiency, the 3 x things 90% of others don't tell you about.


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