This can be a number of things;
1. Inner fan has stopped working, this will cause the unit to only chill to about 8-15oC, and in most cases it will cause the 'evaporator' (which is located behind inner rear wall) to ice up.

2. If the area explained above near slots in rear inner wall is iced up but the fan is 'still working', defrost unit overnight and try to run again. If it ices up the following day you may have a controller problem (which causes the compressor to not turn off, again icing unit up), if that is the case the controller may need replacing, the main relay will have blown/burnt out. When an evaporator is iced up the airflow stops and hence cooling stops.

3. Fan at rear underneath section has stopped working, this will cause compressor to get too hot and go out on 'safety overload' before it has a chance to get to 'set' temperature, again, unit will only get to about 8-15oC, depending on environment, so to be clear unit will be running and will still be under the ambient, it just won't be at set temperature.

4. Check you havn't placed product too close to rear inner wall, it needs about 2cm gap between the wall and the product.

5. Ensure you have plenty of airflow by having small 2mm gaps between bottles and cans.

6. Check rear condenser (this is the part in bottom rear section that looks like a radiator) hasn't blocked up with particles (dust, hair, leaves, 'mittens' or 'fido's hair), as this strangles the operation of cooling and unit will only get to about 10oC.

7. Worse case scenario is unit is low on gas, a technician is needed to diagnose this.

Remember if putting a full HOT load in the fridge it can take 12hours to fully chill properly.

*You 100% cannot have sunlight on the glass either, in less than 30min sunlight can make inner temperature of a fridge 65oC!

Possible parts needed;
-Inner fan, part number GSP1-Fan-Inner, price $119.00, this is German EBM EC
-Rear fan part number GSP1-Fan-Under, price $119.00, this is German EBM EC
-Controller part number GSP1-Controller, price $189.00, model PJS4 ECO Italian Carel Brand

Fill in below to start the process with all relevant info needed, whether the unit is 'in or out' of warranty we action these online submissions and assist in getting the unit back up and running.

Or go straight to warranty claim form here;

The most common error code is E3 and is related to a refrigerant alarm, means unit will stop completely, this can be many things. To start first try to turn the unit OFF at the power and then back ON, this could clear any problem/bug the Carel Controller may think is going on.  It has a lot of safety mechanisms in order to protect the fridge with the slightest hint of a problem.  
If the E3 returns again, usually within 6 hrs, then there is a problem.

These are the basic codes.
“E0” cabinet probe/sensor fault.
Part number GSP1-SENSOR-CABINET, price $49.00

“E1” evaporator probe/sensor fault
Part number GSP1-SENSOR-EVAPORATOR, price $49.00

alternate flash with cabinet probe/sensor temperature whilst in defrost

door open timeout. Turn unit off and on, *this should not show on later models as this function has been disabled

 refrigerant system failure alarm can be many things from faulty fan to loss of gas.
Check inner fan is running, Part number GSP1-FAN-INNER, price $119.00
Check rear fan is running, Part number GSP1-FAN-UNDER, price $119.00

alternating to cabinet probe temp, unit is in "Energy Saving Mode".
To take out of energy saving mode press and hold the 'ES ' button for 5 seconds.

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