Led Controller: The led display goes up/down, this is the normal operation of every fridge in the world, fridges 'cycle'  'on and off' to help protect compressor, defrost ice and to keep the set temperature stable. These units have a 'variance of 4oC' in the cycle, so if you SET your fridge at 2oC, it means thay compressor goes OFF at 2oC, then back ON at 6C, that is the 4oC differential. During this time it DOES NOT mean your drinks go from 2-6, liquid takes a lot longer to rise in temp than air. So just be governed by the temperature of your drinks, NOT what is on the display. A setting of 2oC will generally keep drinks at 3-4oC.

Defrost: There is also a defrost cycle programmed into the unit (to remove ice from evaporator), which is governed by the run time of compressor, then by a stop time, so with these we run a 6hr run time before a 15minute stop time, so during this defrost stop time the display can reach 10-12oC, again this is NOT the temperature of your drinks. Defrost is a very important part of the fridge operation.

Ice Up: If you notice really unstable temperature and fluctuations, please check the INNER rear wall and see if you can see any build up of ICE. If ice has built up, turn off for 6hours and restart, if problem happens again please contact us by filling in form at this link following or the form below;
*Or try re-setting the controller parameters as explained at this link as defrost may not be programmed correct;


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