If ice is building up in the area under fan on rear inner wall it can be caused by a number of things. It also can make fan suddenly become noisy as it starts to hit on the actual ice.

1. Inner fan has stopped working, check the fan is going

2. Unit defrost cycle is not working - The units currently have a defrost programmed into them, so that after 6hours of compressor operation the unit will stop for 15minutes. We have had units that were not programmed correctly at factory and the defrost was missed (Mar>July2016 and also Dec2016). To remedy this we have the list of controller parameters that should be programmed in the unit. This form at following link explains how to run through and check this, and also allows you to alter. In most cases this will fix the problem. See link;

3. You have unit set too low and are not using it enough for normal operation to alow defrost to take place. So basically if you set at 0-2oC and don't used unit for a while (say 2weeks), then it has a chance to slowly build up ice on evaporator. Over time this will slowly get bigger and eventually will cause trouble. To fix this you simply turn off for 6hrs and restart, remembering that unit is defrosting and you may get excess water overflow from the drain underneath, so place some towells down etc. If you are constantly going to have long periods of non usage then it is recommended to alter the defrost parameters to be more frequent, call u sto arrange this. 


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