If your unit turns ON, and inner fan, underneath fan and compressor are running then you may have gas problem.
*Note: This is for units that that fridge temp is same as ambient (room), and isnt coming down at all.

1. You can 'physically' check the fans and compressor are running, you can also check LED 'controller', the 2 top left symbols are the compress and fan symbols, there should be ON (pic below)

2. Check for an error on display, the most common error is E3, this is generic alarm that means unit stopped operating properly at set temperature. Sometimes simply turning unit ON/OFF a few times can reset the Carel Controller.
*Some E3 causes are;
   a) Unit has not reached SET temp after about 3hrs operating (200minutes). In this case something is wrong like ice build up, door open or simply unit has lost it's gas charge. If gas charge is lost technician is needed, start process by contacting us below.

   b) A relay in controller that controlls the compressor has failed. This means that unit will turn ON but compressor cannot turn OFF, so eventually and quite quickly unit will go below ZERO and ice up. To test is this is the cause, turn off overnight and back ON next day, watch the display drop and see if it turns OFF when it reaches your desired temp.

   c) A faulty fan still MAY cause this error, as unit will not be able to get the SET temp, so check this also.

3. Blocked drier - this isn't that common, but can cause unit to stop completely, to help check this is you access rear area near the compressor, you can grab hold of drier (pic below of what it lools like), if it's red hot it is blocked.


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