If your unit still 'cools', but isn't quite getting to the SET temperature then you need to check following things.

-Check inner fan is going? - If this fan isn't going it will cause unit to ice up and airflow will be impeded, making unit only run at about 10oC or more.

-Check there is no ice build up of rear wall just under fan area? - Again this could be caused by faulty fan, but also could be caused by settings on controller. Some area's may need more defrost time than others to dispurse the ice build up effectively (higher humidity causes more ice). Try turning off for 6hrs and restarting, if it happens again contact us below to start process of rectifying.
*Try resetting the factory parameters at this link;

-If your unit starts with Serial Number YC1611  (App. Dec16) and you have it located in higher ambient temps than 25oC then we need to do a change to the air flow setup. Please contact us below if this is the case, because it can be rectified.

-Check underneath fan is working? - If this fan isn't going it will cause the compressor to stop  with safety overload, because of excess heat, the operation will be impeded, making unit only run at about 10oC or more.

-Check if there is ice or excess build up of water at rear around piping on compressor - This can happen is the unit has a gas problem and technician is needed.

-Check that the condenser (big black cage like black piping part near compresser at rear) hasn't blocked up with dust and particles, cleaning this periodically is important, a blocked condenser will cause compressor to get too hot and stop with safety overload, unit will not chill properly.

*Note: If a fan has stopped working it could be that the 'transformer' that actually runs the 12V fan has failed, so that needs to be diagnosed. 

Inner Fan, part number YC150B-FAN-INNER, $69.00, complete below to start process
Inner Fan, part number YC150B-FAN-UNDER, $69.00, complete below to start process
Transformer, part number YC150B-TRANSFORMER, $49.00, complete below to start process


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